Persuade Buyers With Stories: Storytelling Frameworks for Sales


Storytelling: Using the Power of Story to Persuade

Presented by Bobby Lehew

December 13 | 11am–3:30pm ET

Buying decisions are driven by emotion and justified by logic—even in B2B! So to boost sales, start appealing to both the logical and emotional sides of your buyers. Discover how to tell a story that persuades prospects in this live workshop.

Become a Better Storyteller

Let me tell you a story...

As a marketer, you're constantly asked to develop content that engages prospects and customers. You produce mountains of words, day after day, but the needle only moves so much.

You increasingly find that features, advantages, and benefits selling language only gets you so far. And you're starting to think that the quantity of content or quality of prose doesn't matter because you don't have a compelling story behind it to inspire action.

We know what you're thinking... storytelling is all about creativity; not just anyone can spin a tale worth telling, right?

Ah, contraire!

There are logical sequences to transforming an idea from mere words to a meaningful, impactful story that any marketer can learn. Hidden codes. Formulas that will unlock your ability to find, craft, and share enchanting stories.

In this workshop, instructor and brand storyteller Bobby Lehew breaks down the timeless magic that creates compelling company stories. You'll learn how to capture your story, then find and use the right voice to convey authenticity. You'll also discover vaults of secret knowledge hidden in your own experience that will help you bring forth stories worth telling, worth reading, worth hearing—and that sell.

Get ready to make your job easier by learning the proven storytelling methods of our most effective communicators. You'll learn how to...

  • Use the Ann Rudolph-inspired company story shape to make your brand memorable
  • Generate multiple stories from a single idea with the power of perspective
  • Match your stories to each unique selling situation
  • Meet the world's hunger for purpose, authenticity, and meaning with your B2B stories (and how to bring forth these elements in your stories)
  • Tweak your stories to make your magic incantations crackle with life!

What's included:

  • Four hours of live, online instruction (no on-demand viewing!)
  • A workbook filled with exercises and takeaways
  • Interaction with your instructor and peers
Headshot of Bobby Lehew

About Bobby

Bobby is obsessed. Obsessed with how words and language contain the power to enchant and transform. A writer, content strategist, and storyteller, he explores insight from those who thrive at building distinct brands with unique voices and helps bring their mission to light. He is the chief content officer for commonsku, a cloud-based CRM, order management platform, and creative community that empowers entrepreneurs.

Bobby believes everyone has a story worth telling: every person, every business, every organization. It is his life's work to help them tell it well.


"It's a great way to break out of the same old same old. The tools/exercises help reframe the 'boring' B2B construct into something useful and engaging."

—2022 B2B Forum Workshop attendee

"Bobby packs decades of knowledge and experience into 4 hours. It is worth it for your short-term and long-term personal and professional goals."

—2021 B2B Forum Workshop attendee

"I strongly recommend all content creators become MarketingProfs PRO members. I've been a member for nearly a decade, and the organization remains one of my go-to resources for training, online events, and plenty of great content."

—Erika Heald | Founder | Erika Heald Marketing Consulting